T O P I C LTD. Management Consulting
T O P I C  LTD.Management Consulting



Focus on Leadership


“Change Management: make managers into leaders!” 




- Change Management Programs (conception, implementation, success control)

- Leadership Coaching (self-assessment, diagnosis, change plan incl. activities, measures, feedback)

- Process Optimization (management workshop / assess, improve, practice)



Distinctive talent to feel humans holistically: their personhood (character), their knowledge and skills, their excellence or abilities as well as their practices. Pronounced excellence to see future oriented placement opportunities, possible positions or functions he/she could fulfil.

- Evaluation of Talent (face-to-face, senior manager groups: exercises, SWOT - strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)

- Assessment Centers (build up, run, evaluate)

- Leadership Analysis (strength/weakness profile, management behavior change, leadership teambuilding, coaching, training)



Focus on Sales and Trade






- Set up, strategy to open representative offices in foreign countries

- Prepare strategy, set-up office, recruit and manage local staff, oversee beginning operations

- Establish foreign representations/liaison offices (Europe, Germany / Asia, China)

- Direct sales and trade in specialized products